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Translating is an activity and an art that cannot be improvised. It requires precision in word choice, agility to handle the jargon used in the target language, a terminology adapted to the field and a high fidelity to the original content that needs to be translated.


Because you want to eliminate the language barrier between your company and your customers and assert your trademark internationally, your message must be perfectly intelligible to be relayed to your recipients.

The way I work takes into account the cultural parameters of the target language so that your message will not contain a faux-pas that could compromise your professional relationships.

My language pairs include English, French and Danish.


Save time and money: I translate your document while you continue working on other projects.






Science (Biology, Biochemistry, Physics)

Medical, Health, Pharmaceutical,Wellness

Business (Marketing, Finance)


Environmental Technologies

Technology, Websites


As an independent translator, I work without intermediaries which makes my rates very competitive.

The price depends on the complexity of the content, its length, the repetitions (not charged) and the delivery time. It will be calculated using the number of source words (original language)  in the document.

Send me an email in order to get a free quote, and I will respond within 24 hours.


Note that there is a 15% surcharge for PDF and handwritten docs.



  • English French : 0,13 USD /source word
  • Danish   French : 0,17 USD/source word

Consecutive Interpreting

45 USD/hour


I’m a French translator based in Montpellier by the Mediterranean sea . I studied Molecular Biology and Biochemistry for a few years in Denmark where I got to learn Danish. This experience boosted my willingness to travel, to better understand the different cultures I was immersed in and to develop my passion for languages. After finishing a round-the-world journey, the need for a work environment larger than a lab was obvious so naturally, I jumped into the translation world. What’s better than traveling and working at the same time? After all, in our digital era, we just need a computer and an internet connection to  be efficient.

My fields of expertise include Science but I can also translate in other departments such as Business, Legal, Health, Fashion, Technologies or Environment.


I will get back to you as soon as possible

Montpellier, France

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